Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Why Do I Play Golf?

People said, the older you get, the smaller balls you'll play. Previously I would take it with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, as age and reality caught up with me, I'm starting to agree with the statement. I was a sportsman since my young age. I played soccer, hockey, sepak takraw and ping pong representing my primary school. During my mrsm days, I represented the college in soccer, hockey, ping pong and volleyball. It got more physical when  I entered UUM as I added rugby to the existing sports which I played. Plus my PALAPES / ROTU activities, can you blame me for weighing at about 70kg with a sexy 27 inch waistline at that time?

A cool 27 inch waistline. I"m on the right by the way.

Pics taken circa 1993/94

Hahaha. Well, those were the days when I could simply tell off some of the girls who were pursuing me to simply do some soul searching and reaffirming to them that the possibility for me and them to hook up was 'Sorry. In your dreams girl."

Marriage did change me to 'another' person. Gone were the normal sports and exercise routines. Replaced by none other than makan, tidor, lepak, baring, malas, kunyah, makan lagi, tidor lagi, ronda2, jalan2, tengok lampu and so on. Activities which invloved very minimal physical movement and will never make me sweat.

Whatever it is, I'm not blaming marriage for what I have become today (I do actually... hehehe), but going back to the original title of this posting, marriage did introduced me to a game called GOLF.

For those who do not play golf, they will simply say that "What is so great about golf??" Agreed. I once did ask the same question. "Why are people wasting their time to play golf?". Yeah. I asked that too before. Well, how should I answer this? Hmm. There are a lot of versions of how this could be answered. Let me just be honest with you guys. What thrilled me to play golf is :

"The ability to send a small white coloured ball ACCURATELY to a specific location in front of me using the available equipments with my own ABILITY and STRATEGY with the most minimum MARGIN OF ERROR".

Arghhh.. Nicely said huh. This is not copied from anywhere. This is truthfully from me. Golf is a strategy game. It's about beating your own self. If last time you parred the hole, then this time you need to make a birdie. How? Starategize. 

Golf is a great game.

You can learn it for free from your good friend.

You get to Dress Up to the occasion.

Meet up old friends.

Meet up again

Some new friends.

Newer friends.

Big Tournaments

Suka2 game

Psycho your friends during their tee off.

Wonder where the ball went

Crack stupid golf jokes.

Literally an 'old' friend.

Sharing buggy with your sworn nemesis.

Mingle with your enemies.

Enjoying the view.

Gossiping in between holes.

Some side business.
Eat big dinners afterwards.

Win prizes.

Celebrate birthdays.

Win lucky draws.

Even luckier if you got to take photo with the popular emcee.

Well I think the pictures above could give all of you a glimpse of what GOLF is all about. I never regret taking it up. Never ever will. Ever fancy for a round of golf??? Do call me :)

Till then.. do take care.      


  1. Terbaik laaa tuan A'nas... Salute... Feel appreciated... Yours Truly, Azlan aka Polan

  2. What a good "WRITE-UP".... sincerely, me also said the same thing about golf before this. And now... I start to love this game!!! Especially when you win something and can TAKE A PHOTO WITH BEAUTIFUL EMCEE!!!!