Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Aku Pening

Adakah disebabkan mungkin aku kurang mahir dalam bidang IT ni? Or whateverlah.

Bila dah log out from the blog, aku try la google konon2 nama blog ni. Pelik. No result.

Try search:

'adieanas blog'..... tarak.

'a'nas salehuddin blog'... keluar la result mengarut pasal twitter la pebagai.

'adieanas blogspot'... tadak.

Apa kes ni? Google boikot aku ke? Try kat yahoo pun sama. Try tengok setting, katanya blog can be search by all search engine. Apa kesssss???

Baru nak memblog, dah ada dugaan. Sabar.. sabar.

Kalau sesapa teringin nak follow aku (perasan glamer), I'm blogging via:



Aku pening!


About Me

Cuaca hari ni macam biasa, baru lepas hujan lebat. It's 5.30pm right now and looking at the traffic from my window, it is pointless to go back now. Biar la dulu. Biar trafik reda sikit, dekat2 maghrib nanti boleh slow2 drive balik rumah. As a result, mari kita menulis.

I was born in Kampung Lawan Kuda, Gopeng Perak on 7th of March 1973 (7-3-73) to the couple of Salehuddin Tan Soreh and Saedah Yusof. Both my parents are of the Rawa decent (my ancestors came from somewhere in Sumatera Indonesia). Oh by the way, Rawa is pronounce as 'Rao'. Nowadays we have an NGO looking after Rawa people patronized by Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid. Ok ok, enough about this Rawa thing. My late father was a technician with Perak Hydro at that time while my mom is a surirumah tangga. I have 4 siblings, 3 boys and 1 girl. I'm the 2nd.

Rezeki ayah agak baik. Semasa aku berumur 8 bulan, he got a job offer  from Shell Refining Company Port Dickson and my family accordingly moved to PD. We become PD'rians up till today.

My early education was at Government English Primary School - GEPS (now Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Port Dickson) from standard 1 to 3. I moved to Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Gelam when I was in standard 4 for 'tactical' reason.

5A's during penilaian darjah 5 enabled me to be admitted to Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Muar in 1986. Was ther for 5 years till 1990. InsyaAllah sekiranya berkesempatan, saya akan banyak berkongsi tentang pengalaman semasa bersekolah di MRSM Muar. Without doubt, it was the most wonderful chapter of my life where I learn a lot about life. Pahit, manis, asam, garam, basically everything. Cinta monyet? Tell me about it hehehe.

MRSM Muar 1990. Aku yang pakai baju hitam.

Selepas Muar, aku menuju ke Utara semenanjung. I did my matriculation and obtained my honors degree from Universiti Utara Malaysia. 6 tahun di UUM juga merupakan waktu yang terindah dalam hidupku. I learn a lot about myself. Berdikari. Berdisiplin (I joined PALAPES and commisioned as a 2nd Lieutenant which majority people thought that I would have jumped ship or failed mid way). But I made them eat their words. I proved how wrong they were. Nanti la, banyak jugak kisah UUM ni yang aku akan share later kay. Sebelum lupa, I met my wife on 1st January 1996 in UUM.

UUM 1992 - Hari terbuka kolej - Aku yang kiri sekali.

Graduated in 1997 and my first job was with Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad. Got married in Oct 1998 with the most fantastic girl on this earth (save for Agnes Monica and Bunga Citra Lestari), it has been 14 years and 5 kids ever since. Productive? Well, rezeki Allah. Joined Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC) in 2000 and has been 'staying put' sampai ke hari ini. 

Staying in Klang since 1998, In terms of personal development, berjaya menternak badan dari 65kg (when I left MRSM Muar) to 92kg currently. Testimonial of current picture attached: -

Penternak badan berjaya - kejayaan yang TAK dibanggakan

Loves to play golf coz it seemed like that's the only physical sport that I still can play. And nowadays fancy a good teh tarik session with my old buddies be it from primary school, mrsm, uum or office colleagues. Trying to live a simple life as honest as possible. Being a father to 5 children, of course the priority has changed right? 

Well, I guess that's about it. Semuanya details ada. Tak panjang sangat and tak pendek sangat. Any question just PM me lah. Till then...

Truthfully yours...  



Bismillah sebagai kata pembuka bicara. Assalamualaikum wbt salam dihulur. Salam pada semua. Salam pada dunia. This should be the beginning of something. Journey of a thousand miles they said start with a single step. Apa betul atau tidak, time will tell. Yeah, after so long planning to have my own blog, akhirnya pada hari ini, terciptalah adieanas.blogspot.com.

Truthfully yours? Well, ini lah perkataan yang terlintas masa diminta untuk bagi tajuk blog tadi. But in a way, it's kinda cool coz itulah tujuan blog ini dicipta. To share my life experience and what ever that I can, TRUTHFULLY. Semuanya adalah benar dan benar belaka. For those who know me, they can tell that I'm an easy going person. With lots and lots of jokes and humour. Tapi awas. Sama macam manusia biasa yang lain, saya juga penuh dengan kekurangan dan kekhilafan. And through this blog, harapan saya agar all of you will know who I really am. InsyaAllah.

Cukup setakat ini saja dulu. Memang excited nak menulis tapi believe it or not, it took me something like 45 minutes to come out with all the above. Im so so so rusty right now (in writing and composing).

Till then, do take care.

Rasa macam nak post gambar. Here it is. Taken at Impian Golf & Country Club, Kajang somewhere in June 2012.