Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Treasure Hunt - Kelana Jaya to Gambang

My company via our Sports Club recently held the inaugural Treasure Hunt from Kelana Jaya to Bukit Gambang, Kuantan. Pertama kali dalam sejarah. I'm actually not sure to say whether aku ni terel ke tidak in treasure hunt. Seumur hidup penah la join sekali in year 1998 when I was with SME Bank, treasure hunt KL to Pangkor. 

At the starting point with Shahrizal

So ini ada lah percubaan kali kedua. Since our team (myself, Shahrizal & Azman) ni dah kira agak veteran (late 30's), we kind of decided to just enjoy the trip to Gambang without thinking so much about the hunt. How wrong we were. 1st checkpoint was Dataran Prima area. 7 questions to solve and we managed to get all of them within a short period. Suddenly we were thinking, "hey.. we can do this. Kacanglah!!". And off we go to the 2nd checkpoint ie Karak. The 3rd was in Temerloh followed by Mentakab. We finally arrived in Gambang at 4pm with another 1 challenge to complete. Needless to say, we completed the challenge with flying colors.

Bukit Gambang - Arabian Resort
 After maghrib, dinner was served followed by the  treasure hunt answers and prize presentation to the winners. Dinner was fantastic. The food was great.

  Prize presentation after dinner.
I won best slogan - "It's gonna be so much fun. Great minds will combine. Hunting for treasure while having fun with pleasure".

We thought we did quite well overall. Being conservative, we were anticipating to be placed at least within the top 10 bracket. Suprise suprise. we won 2nd Place!!!

Azman, Shah & Me.

What a fantastic feeling. It's well worth the effort, the sweat, journey, sunburns etc.

On top of the undisclose cash money that we won, together with the champion and the 3rd placed team, we are now going 1 step further by virtue of representing our company to the Association of Development Financial Institution Malaysia treasure hunt to be held 22-23 Dec 2012.

Thas about it for the night. The next morning we took an early breakfast around 7.30am. After breakfast, we packed and slowly drive back to KL via the old trunk roand. Why the old trunk road instead of the LPT Highway??

Marcia & Zahid

Fresh kampung durians @ Maran.

Natang susoh nok buke dughiang ni.

Hamid - The Master of Durian.

After eating the durians 'CGC Style' plus tapau some of the mangosteen, we continue our slow drive back. And how else would we end the fantastic journey?


Happy faces.

Succulent ikan patin tempoyak, sambal sotong, jantung pisang, taugeh, and various ulams. It's heaven.

Well guys, that's about it. It was really an enjoyable journey. Looking forward for the ADFIM treasure hunt later this weekend.

Till then, tata....

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